Indian start-up Chikoop seeks to transform offline mobile advertising solutions

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. June 28, 2016

chikoop 8hoarding
Two management graduates from India, Neeraj Sharda and Sudhanshu Goyal, have just launched two solutions to change the way offline advertising is presented in the country. Chikoop is an audio mobile marketing solution for phones, which allows brands to target audiences by placing ads during free calls.
Chikoop provides rewarded offline ad solution
The Chikoop solution works across all types of phones regardless of whether they are connected to the internet or not. That means it has a reach of almost 90% of people in India, which is better than TV, print, radio or online together, the company says. It utilises a technology that enables telecom-quality calls without internet access or top-ups.
In addition, it provides product deals that brands and marketers can tap into.
Neeraj Sharda, Co-founder and CSO, Chikoop and 8Hoarding, explains:
neeraj sharda

“Indian businesses are adopting to the online way of doing things and rightly so, but in a country like ours one cannot really discard the offline ways so early. They still hold the key to success given we leverage the power of technology and big data analytics to make them smarter.”

8Hoarding, the second venture from the duo, is an outdoor advertising solution that analyses outdoor media from heat map data and technology that estimates daily impressions and views. This can help marketers make informed choices about their outdoor ad campaigns.
Sudhanshu Goyal, Co-Founder of both start-ups, adds:
sudhanshu goyal

“There are two ways to launch a successful venture: delivering MVP with focus on quick initial traction or work out the product in detail before looking to grow. We chose the second path as we see hundreds of startups everyday making debut with a weak offering and fading away in a short span of time. We believe that more than the early mover’s advantage, it is about delivering a masterpiece which users fall in love with. This is just the beginning. We have identified a number of opportunities in offline marketing, each having a highly attractive market. We are ambitious and have sketched out a long-run roadmap to address them.”