Indian mobile app developers IBEE Solutions opens its first office in North America

Andy Boxall

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December 30, 2014


Indian mobile app developer IBEE Solutions has announced it will soon open an office in Dallas, Texas, a move which represents its first expansion into North America.

IBEE plans to offer iOS and Android app development, along with expertise in hosting and hosting infrastructure, with a focus on a high quality user experience from the new base.

Jay Ellison, founder of 1-800-Hosting, a sister company of IBEE Solutions, said:


“Application development is as much science as it is art. Our goal is to create the best possible product including the newest achievements in architecture building and security. However, none of this would matter if we didn’t pay utmost attention to the users. After all, the apps we create are aimed at them, the users, and their experience will show whether we did a good job or not. We have worked with major companies in India, and those projects gave us the confidence to expand and bring our skills to North America. It is a very demanding market but we are sure our commitment to making secure, high performance applications that focus on the user experience, will ensure success.”

Founded in 2006, IBEE Solutions already has an established client base of more than 2500 companies in India and America. In recent research, India has been referred to as an “app superpower,” due to its booming development scene and growing demand for mobile content. You can check out our extensive list of the top Indian developer agencies right here.