Incentivised Traffic Campaign: Focus on Countries and Verticals

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Posted: September 1, 2015

There are more important steps you need to take than just simply producing an app and submitting it to the app store. After your app is released and featured by influential media resources, it becomes crucial to keep promoting your app whether it be via paid app discovery or app install campaigns. It will create a positive effect for your ranking in the app store and ensure a steady flow of organic users which is vital for your app’s visibility and growth.
In this post I would like to accent on key factors that influence the choice of a specific region for your app and in which case, the app would benefit the most from an incentivized traffic campaign.
Tough competition for user attention and budget demands regular fuel up of your app business in order to drive installs and keep your app at the Top of its category. You will need to incentivize users to install your app to be able to stand out in developed markets with traditionally high CPI such as US, UK, Japan and Germany. The rates for CPI traffic in these countries are more costly in comparison to other markets because of the higher user monetization.
If you are looking to grow your app’s user base by increasing the number of downloads while your app is using the advertising monetization mode, you can investigate in emerging markets such as Brazil, Southeast Asia or Middle East.
Considering taking over both top and growing geographies? Check out the AppBooster platform to learn how to capture users from US, European Union, Japan, India, Brazil, Indonesia and many more.
While we work with pretty much all app categories, we consider the app’s quality factor to be the most important input metric for a successful promotion campaign. We do not recommend performing an incentivized ad campaign for a low quality or buggy app. AppBooster platform allows app owners to test their apps before investing considerable budgets in major user acquisition campaigns. We can do a successful campaign within any geography or industry IF the application is a high quality one. If you feel your app still needs some fixes or testing, our product strategy consultants would happily help make it shine.
The Verticals we are most engaged with include (but are not limited to) Travel, Utilities, Games, Social networking and Entertainment.
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The Solution
One of the key benefits of incentivized traffic campaigns provided by platforms like AppBooster is the awareness that it raises and app users attracted by the app owners. With the help of AppBooster, app owners with modest budgets and minimum experience in mobile advertising can have their product positioned to its target audience. Moreover, they can learn from it: traffic campaign analytics show app owners how the rewarded user interacts within its app. App owners can easily find the bottlenecks in the app and fix them to improve app results. Such a re-focus on app development is a good way to optimize promotional budget. The best part about an incentivised installs approach is that it allows app owners to have more chances to make a quick start from a scratch with a quite modest budget for paid advertising campaign.
If you feel confident about your app’s quality and want to reach the Top with incentivized installs, check out AppBooster – a fast, reliable and easy solution for your app positive ROI.  

Oles Dzyub, Branded Content Manager at GoWide