In India, app-install advertising is fast becoming key component of marketing plan

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. July 12, 2016

The Indian app market is one of the fastest growing ones globally.
According to a report from Android app distributor 9Apps, daily app downloads in the country increased by 16% during the first half of 2016. Indeed, total app downloads are projected to grow 92% from 2014 to reach 8bn by 2016 and 20bn by 2020, says App Annie.
india app downloads
The 9Apps report found that gaming apps were among the most popular as downloads had increased from 17% in 2015 to 20% by 2016. Other popular categories were tools, social, entertainment and music apps. It also highlighted that screenshots (46%) were of particular importance for customers when picking out an app from the store, whilst 36% consider app ratings more vital.
However, app growth in India isn’t likely to be entirely unhinged. One of the key challenges app developers face is cutting through the competition. Effective promotion is a difficult topic, particularly for indie developers who cannot afford big buck advertising campaigns. Challenges in internet connectivity as well as local online payments are also putting a damper on growth.
App-install ads have become vital for most app marketers by now. It’s a proven means to showcase one’s app is available across the App Stores. Over 80% of app developers said they planned to increase their app-install ad spend last year.
BI Intelligence estimates that 25% of total US mobile ad revenue has been generated by app-install ads in 2015. With the app market in full upswing and growing competition, advertising budgets are set to grow and US app-install ad revenue could reach $7bn by the end of 2020.
Mobile app install marketers are turning towards successful formats such as video and native ads. BI Intelligence found that 86% of developers are using in-feed video app-install ads right now.
Rohan Patil, Managing Director of India at app marketing firm Appliftconfirmed that app developers in the country were being more considerate of the app marketing factor. He told Entrepreneur, that there are three core phases during the app launch process: launch, growth and retainment of users. He says:

“In its launch phase there should be a lot of focus on understanding what your user wants and understanding how he is engaging. If he is not really engaging, then change or modify the features. That itself does a lot of service to you.”

App store optimisation is another important aspect of the app marketing process.
Large companies such as Google have also recognised the strength of the Indian market and announced plans to train 2m mobile app developers in the country. Training programmes for Android app creators will be made available at public and private universities and institutions across India.