In a space-saving move, Google splits its Maps SDK and Places API for iOS in two

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Google has taken the Maps SDK for iOS and the Places API for iOS and split them into two separate CocoaPods. The shift has taken place in version 2.0 of the SDK, released at the end of July, and is designed to help developers reduce the size of their apps.

In previous versions, developers had to use the Google Maps for iOS SDK entirely, even if they wanted to only use the Places API. After making the API separate, Google has produced a binary that’s 70% smaller than before.

Google has split its iOS Maps SDK and Places API into two CocoaPods

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Google tells developers there’s no need to change anything instantly, if this alteration affects your apps, but warns that the current v1.x Google Maps for iOS SDK will no longer be supported in a year’s time. Developers that haven’t tied their apps to a specific version of the SDK will automatically be updated to the new versions after running a pod update.

Developers using Places will need to make some alterations, and should follow this migration guide. Premium Plan subscribers also have some changes to navigate, and should visit this migration plan for more details. Finally, Google’s release notes can be found here.