Immserv launches mobile virtual reality advertising platform

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. March 14, 2016


Immersv, the VR marketing services provider, has officially launched its mobile Virtual Reality advertising platform. The company aims to help app developers and game creators drive VR content and generate revenue. At the same time, it lets consumers discover VR apps. The solution has been in beta since December 2015 and will be presented at the Game Developers Conference.

Immersv rolls out mobile Virtual Reality ad platform



SuperData Research highlights that the global market for VR gaming is rising at an impressive growth rate to reach $5.1bn in revenue this year, with an install base of 38.9m consumers.

Mihir Shah, Co-founder and CEO, Immersv, says;

mihir shah

“Virtual Reality has reached its tipping point, and just about the only thing holding it back is consumers’ ability to find great VR content. Our goal is to build a marketplace to help consumers discover great VR apps and experiences, and to empower all the artists, content producers and game publishers building VR content to turn their hard work and creativity into commercial success.”

Immersv’s VR ad experiences can be run on mobile VR platforms such as Samsung Gear VR by Oculus, Google Cardboard and other VR headsets. Ad units, which feature trailer videos for apps can be easily integrated into any VR app to become part of the native app experience. Marketers can run flat videos within customisable VR settings or spherical videos.

In addition, the company’s open bid ad system means that app developers have control over their media spend, while Immersv SDK can be easily integrated and provides install tracking and campaign analytics.

Eric Hine, Executive Producer, Archiact Interactive Ltd., which has already integrated Immersv’s SDK, adds:

eric hine

“Immersv enables users to discover new VR apps in a cinematic 3D experience. The most unique part about the VR ad experience is how genuinely enjoyable it is. Our users are loving that ads have become a fun natural extension of Archiact’s games.”

Consumers are certainly finding the VR experience and engaging and entertaining one. During beta, Immersv found that video completion rate was 79% to 88% for some app trailers. In comparison, ad platform Vindico found ad completion rates averaging 46% on smartphones and 54% on tablets.