Immersion unveils first haptic design toolkit for tactile effects in mobile video

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. June 21, 2016

Immersion, which develops touch feedback technology, today announced a new web environment and the first haptic design toolkit. Called TouchSense Design Cloud, the kit lets designers create tactile effects for mobile video.
Immersion rolls out new tactile effects creation tool
Currently running in beta, the feature makes it easier to design, iterate and share haptified video projects. Haptics basically allow consumers to feel buttons on a mobile screen, experience G-forces applied to a car game or feel the percussion of an explosion in a video.
The new solution also includes haptic monitoring tools for times when a designer wants to create a custom tactile effect and feed it through an Android device. Designs can be shared across the Design Cloud. Once created, haptic files are playable within video content.
Immersion also confirmed that it would support multiple ongoing haptic projects simultaneously.
Haptics have some distinct advantages over traditional content, according to an Immersion user study. 77% of respondents said they preferred the interaction that a haptic-enabled content provided, whilst 85% found themselves more immersed in video when tactile effects had been added. Overall, Click-through rates were up to 440% higher for ads with tactile effects.
The benefits of tactile effects advertising
Todd Whitaker, VP Marketing at Immersion, adds:
todd whitaker

“When you think about creating and editing content, you think about video and audio – but what about creating for the sense of touch? Immersion is releasing TouchSense Design Cloud to add another dimension to the creation process making it possible for creatives to design visuals, sound, and touch together, creating a much more immersive experience for mobile devices. Crafting these rich experiences can result in a greater impact on sentiment and brand recall. We can’t wait to see what the creative community can do with this tool.”

Immersion, founded in 1993, has been busy delivering touch experiences for over 20 years now. The release of TouchSense Design Cloud beta empowers designers to add touch experiences to mobile content. The full version will be released in fall 2016.