Ilja de Boer, VP of Business Development Avazu Europe, Talks Mobile Native Ads

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Partner Post - Avazu - A Global Mobile Ad Display Company

Posted: February 18, 2016

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Ilja de Boer is the VP of Business Development at Avazu Europe. In this interview Ilja talks to us about Avazu and its native ad solutions, the big trends in mobile advertising in 2016 and much more.
When did you join Avazu and what is your current role?
I joined Avazu in October 2014 as Director of Business Development and became VP of Business Development in October 2015. My main focuses are expanding our Client base on our affiliate platform, growing our Pay Par Call and Native Ads vertical.
How does a working day look like for Ilja de Boer?
Usually I start my day with answering emails and follow ups on Skype with my colleagues in China during breakfast. During the morning at the office I will start working on mails towards partners/clients. After my lunch I usually have a couple of appointments scheduled, job interviews, Skype chats with partners or meeting with team members here in Amsterdam. Depending on the day of the week I will have dinner/drinks with clients.
What types of clients do you currently work with?
On our Affiliate Platform we work with app owners (gaming/travel/retail/utility), Mobile Content and leadgen. Furthermore we work with US and Indian callcenters for our Pay Per Call vertical. For our own native ads platform (aNative) we generate additional revenue for app owners. This is on top of their traditional revenue stream via in app bannering.
What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth?
For us as a company we see a huge opportunity in bringing our brand to the LATAM market. Thats why we recently started our Buenos Aires office with Federico Lopez Carricondo as Executive Director.
Looking at our knowledge and experience in EU/Asia/US we can instantly provide A clients in LATAM with a suited solution for their demands on traffic, if its our native ads, affiliate program or our mDSP.
For more info about Federico click here
Avazu is having some success with its Native Ad solutions. Why is this working well for you and where are you taking it next?
We also have our own apps that generate a lot of users, so we are able to test our native solutions first on our own products, this giving us the ability to provide third parties a well tested and proven solution.
Do you have any plans to expand your offer into new verticals?
2016 for us is all about becoming more and more a total solution for our partners. First of all with a product analysis, and making a traffic distribution plan. And fulfilling that plan with our in-house solutions, that can be our mDSP, our internal media buying team, aNative Ads, or our Affiliate Platform.
What do you think will be the big trends in mobile advertising in 2016?
There will be a huge incline in the demand for video on mobile, we as Avazu are ready for this with our video integration on our mDSP. The clients that already use this are seeing incredible results.
How does it feel to be part of an international team spread across the world?
It’s a great learning experience being surrounded with colleagues from all over the world. You always learn from being surrounded by other cultures.
What mobile devices do you use?
iPhone 6
What are your favourite apps?
Spotify, Runkeeper and todoist for my daily to do list.
Are you going to buy an Apple Watch? / Will you buy an Apple Car?
I’m not a fan of the Apple Watch, besides telling you the time it will only be a huge distraction on your wrist. I wouldn’t wanted to get notified every time I got a mail/whatsapp etc. The Apple Car should be ready around 2020 and will be an electric minivan, I would rather go for the Porsche mission E when going electric.
Thanks to Ilja for the interesting insights – you can visit Avazu here.