IBM adds Bluemix services to help create cloud applications

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IBM is rolling out a series of Bluemix cloud development platform services to drive the creation, design, management and deployment of cloud applications. The new solution features over 100 services from the Bluemix portfolio. Running on open technologies, the service offers greater flexibility for developers to find the best tools to create their apps.

IBM Bluemix offers cloud-based features for app developers



The latest addition to the platform is API management which allows developers with a simplified way to share and create APIs and synthesize existing ones. Its core differentiator to similar solutions such as Mashape’s API solution, is the ability to repurpose and republish other items and a developer’s own APIs.

Pushkar Patwardhan, Co-founder of Lightmetrics, a traffic start-up in its early stages, confirms the need for a simple service solution such as Bluemix: 

“Bluemix has a single login for all services, and it has an array of tools that make it possible to quickly deploy a service. We also needed machine learning capabilities to make sense of the crowdsourced driving data, and Bluemix provided four machine learning algorithms.”

The Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) launched in February 2014 and has since established itself as the largest Cloud Foundry deployment in the world. IBM has mentioned that Bluemix adds around 8,000 new users a week.  A study by International Data Corporation (IDC) projects public cloud services to reach a worth of $128bn by 2018 from $57bn in 2014, at an annual growth rate of 22.8%. PaaS and cloud services are going to grow at the fastest rate.

PaaS and cloud services are projected to grow to $20bn by 2018

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IBM was quick to jump on the cloud train. It struck strategic agreements with SAP, Microsoft and Apple among others to expand its services. Robert LeBlanc, senior VP of cloud at IBM, has previously confirmed that the company’s strategy has shifted towards cloud-based investments.


“If you look at our investments, over half of it is in hybrid cloud.  Over half of our development community is working on hybrid cloud today.”

In addition the company announced full support for the IBM Cloud Foundry Dojo, an open site for developers to receive help from IBM to learn about the Cloud Foundry Code base. The company also launched IBM Containers on Bluemix to allow businesses to launch Docker containers via the IBM Cloud from SoftLayer.