IAB UK announces new set of standards to reduce ad fraud and improve the digital and mobile advertising experience

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

October 19, 2017

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK has launched a new initiative to address some of the main issues facing the digital and mobile advertising industry. Called the “IAB Gold Standard”, the initiative consists of three recommendations for media owners.
Firstly, the aims of the Gold Standard include a reduction of advertising fraud in order to ensure a smooth ad experience and boost brand safety. The IAB recommends the implementation of the IAB Tech Lab’s ads.txt on all sites which carry ads. Ads.txt is a way for publishers to become authorised digital ad sellers.
Secondly, the Gold Standard recommends that advertisers and publishers adhere to LEAN principles, a set of standards developed by the Coalition for Better Advertising which label 12 “bad” ads. The IAB hopes that this should improve the overall digital ad experience.
Finally, the IAB recommends greater brand safety by working with the The Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards in the UK and Ireland (JICWEBS) to gain certification.
A deadline to implement these three initiatives will be confirmed over the coming weeks.
The Gold Standard initiative is being supported by 23 of the IAB UK’s board members, including Google, Twitter and Facebook.
Tim Elkington, Chief Digital Officer at the IAB, explains:

“Everyone agrees that digital advertising standards need to improve to keep this industry sustainable and thriving. The IAB Gold Standard is a practical measure that demonstrates media owner commitment to making this happen. Media owners need to send a clear signal to advertisers and agencies that they take their responsibilities seriously to offer the best environment possible so that brands can confidently use digital advertising.”

The IAB is encouraging all of its members to adopt the new initiative which can be expanded in the future to include audience measurements and viewability.
Bethan Crockett, Senior Director of Brand Safety and Digital Risk, GroupM EMEA and IAB member adds:

“GroupM fully supports IAB UK’s Gold Standard initiative and it is fantastic to see the industry committing to implement best practice standards relating to ad fraud, brand safety and the digital advertising user experience.”