How to Work Efficiently with CPI Networks

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Posted: July 21, 2015

When you launch an ad campaign with CPI ad network the most important thing to remember is that it consists of a number of traffic sources and their quality may vary significantly. If you don’t identify each traffic source, you’re in trouble. You won’t be able to distinguish quality traffic sources from bad ones which means you won’t spend your budget efficiently.
To plan your traffic ad campaign properly you need to define the number of installs you plan to obtain daily. Since you’ll be working with an ad network that has a number of sources, make sure you set a daily cap for each of those. Don’t just set one daily cap for all of them. Keep in mind that your daily management routine will imply weeding out bad traffic sources and if you have a daily cap for each, you’ll be able to decrease your expenses on bad channels.To launch your CPI ad campaign, you have several traffic suppliers to begin with and  you set the same daily cap for each of those. As the campaign progresses you need to monitor daily how many of your app users have passed through specific events you’ve set and what is the ratio of those to the total number of users. Turn off traffic sources that show the worst KPI (Key Performance Indicators) on a daily basis. You can increase both expenses and the number of installs daily limit for good traffic sources. For the very best ones you can increase CPI.
The next question to tackle is how many networks should you work with? The answer is simple, as many as you’ll be able to control on a daily basis. Established ad networks take heavy lifting of analysis and optimization off your shoulders – so take advantage of it! If you’re really short on employees to assign to ad campaign daily analysis, go ahead and pick up a single network to work with. In this case you’ll be able to know all traffic sources this network provides and expect it to deliver the best targeting. You may ask why when you work with a single traffic provider does it open up its traffic sources? Because we don’t live in a perfect world. When you work with multiple networks they aren’t going to tell you their traffic sources. This is because you may reject some of them because they have the same sources as the others you want to plan to work with.
Now, how to decide what CPI to set? Cost Per Install is one of the basic parameters you’re setting for your ad campaign. Make sure to define the same CPI for all ad networks you’re going to work with otherwise you won’t be able to compare them. Avoid common mistakes that many app owners do. They choose the lowest CPI network to work with. The higher CPI the higher traffic quality ad network can provide. It’s up to you what CPI to choose. The best strategy is to begin with low CPI then gradually increase it if you see that you aren’t getting any installs.
Finally, the question of fraud fighting is just as relevant to mobile traffic campaigns as to any digital marketing activity. The most common case of fraud with ad networks is when you’re being sold incentive traffic as non-incentive. Usually ad networks make sure they don’t have any traffic sources who deal with such practices, but some networks do get involved with such deceptive practices. If you monitor conversion ratio for your campaign daily, it’s rather easy to target a network that deceives you. Conversion ratio that equals 50% and up is a red flag for you to pay special attention to this particular network. Most likely you’re dealing with fraud so get in touch with the network representatives to resolve it.
Now, there is a way to make your life easier, with a professional team of media buyers on board, we have a solid experience in user acquisition and would love to launch a campaign for you! And when it comes to launching a burst campaign we have the AppBooster solution, a single dashboard to rule all incentive traffic sources out there.
Art Dogtiev,
Head of Branded Content at GoWide, Inc.