How to Lower the CPA by 37% on Your Facebook Ads [case study]

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Posted: August 3, 2017

Every particular business requires a particular advertising strategy

A mobile app can be great, but it is unlikely to become an overnight success without any marketing effort on the part of its owner. The times of free and reliable traffic are gone, that’s why more and more app advertisers and publishers turn to purchasing traffic on Facebook, as a channel with the highest number of monthly active users in the world. However, vast opportunities and access to such a huge audience may have a flip side, since there is a big risk to attract off-target users.
All marketers want to ensure that the ads drive to their app only relevant users and, certainly, they expect to obtain worthwhile returns on their investments. It is important to understand that every advertiser has specific KPIs that matter for their business. Therefore, each app needs a unique approach to user acquisition and simple mechanisms for measuring the performance of ad campaigns.

A Colorful Partnership: Appness Helps Pixite Lower CPA without Losing Conversions

Company Overview

  • Founded in 2009, Pixite has been at the forefront of mobile digital art apps
  • Eight of the Pixite’s apps have been featured by Apple, three have been selected as Best of the App Store, and three have been official demo apps on iPhone and iPads in Apple Stores domestically and internationally
  • Pixite is best known for Pigment, an innovative coloring book app for adults, that simulates true pencil and brush strokes, offers over 1,500 hand-selected artworks of various styles, and is enjoyed by five million people worldwide. The app is free to download and offers a paid subscription that unlocks premium pages and tools.

Business Challenge

At one point, Pixite was focused on the development, producing four new app titles per year, while updating all of their existing apps with new features. Although every one of Pixite’s apps released to the App Store generated a significant amount of revenue, all of them followed the same path of boom and bust: a big spike at launch following an equally large drop in sales. Because of this, Pixite was forced to create even more apps and was trapped in an endless cycle of development with no assurance of steady revenue. Thus, they looked closer into user acquisition and started to run ad campaigns on Facebook.
When it comes to Facebook Ads, there are a lot of nuances. For Pixite, setting up and managing Facebook campaigns were very time consuming. They found out that Facebook mechanisms were fairly unstable and required constant tweaking, that turned out to be a very input-intensive process. It was necessary to find a way of streamlining and automating this procedure.

Partnership with Appness

Pixite worked with a few ad networks, however, their performance wasn’t what the team had expected. In October, 2016 the Pixite team was introduced to Appness, that proved to be different, trying to gain a full understanding of Pixite’s needs. Appness personalized approach and fresh look at user acquisition exempted them from their concerns and allowed to focus on creating and perfecting the product that their users loved.

“One of our business partners introduced us to Appness, and we saw they were doing high-quality work. I was intrigued by their platform that brought together talented ad buyers who competed for the job. The quality of customers is much higher than we had with any of our previous partners,” said Eugene. “We don’t see our relationship with Appness as a business client relationship. With them, it’s more of a partnership, because each app is different, each requires a special strategy and attention. This is where Appness excels.”

Even though Pixite still manages some of their Facebook Ads with the help of the internal team, the company has delegated most of their campaigns to Appness. Leveraging the Performance Dashboard feature, Pixite’s team can use comprehensive statistics to gain a clear insight into the campaign performance. “Unlike many analytics dashboards, Appness’ lets you deep dive into all the data but is simple to use. I consult it on a daily basis,” added Eugene.


The Appness account managers used their highly specialized media buying team to run Pixite’s campaigns, saving the company about 8–16 hours a week of campaign management. The new campaigns delivered ROI results that were 110% better than those conducted by Pixite’s internal team. In addition to the expertise Appness’ account managers provided, Pixite was able to easily acquire and review localized performance-based creatives and get a deep insight into the campaigns’ performance thanks to this innovative user acquisition platform.
Switching to the CPA model with Appness brought excellent outcome in terms of revenue increase and performance, and even surpassed Pixite’s boldest expectations.
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