How-to Get Quality Mobile Users, Not Just Installs

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Partner Post - Mpire Network Performance marketing that outperforms

Posted: February 27, 2017

Are your CPI campaigns delivering quality users or just installs? The actions a user takes AFTER they install your app, are where their value is observed. Are they engaging with the app or did they uninstall the next day? Have they made any in-app purchases?
Your internal key performance indicators (KPIs) such as user retention, purchase value and life time value (LTV), are the ideal metrics to determine the value of each user and the overall success of your campaigns. To understand performance against these KPI’s and optimise campaigns against them, you need to share your PIE – that is your post-install event data.
Here are three main ways you can share your PIE and eat it too:
Benchmarking And Optimising With A Larger Pool Of Data
Here at Mpire Network, we have access to performance data from thousands of advertisers and campaigns. This enables us to compare your campaign performance to relevant benchmarks in order to react if campaigns begin underperforming against your KPIs.
Because we have access to loads of PIEs, we can optimize campaigns on a much larger, more reliable pool of data. With an understanding of your post-install KPIs, we utilise our abundance of historical campaign performance data to begin optimising your campaign as soon as it is launched. Delivering fast and superior campaign optimisation.
Optimization Against KPIs
Some ad networks will optimize CPI campaigns to maximize installs – because for a CPI campaign, it is the install the ad network gets paid for, even if the user uninstalls the app the next day. Armed with your PIEs, Mpire Network can identify and profile your most valuable users i.e. the users that perform against your KPIs. We can then optimize your campaigns to target the users that give you the most value.
Increase Traffic Quality
With access to your PIEs, Mpire can see if a particular traffic source is sending loads of installs, but no users of value to you and then remove them. If we can see user engagement and uninstalls, we have the the power to remove sources delivering consistently low-quality conversions, in real time.
Mpire’s mission is to maximise the impact and reach of every dollar our clients invest in online advertising.  When advertisers share their PIE and KPIs with us, the results are tremendous. Mpire Network allows for simple integration with many attribution tracking platforms.
With visibility into your PIEs, Mpire Network can optimise your campaigns based on your actual KPIs – not just installs. Join the Mpire today to start reaching your highest-value app users. If you’re already advertising with us and would like to share your PIE, get in touch with your account manager to take the next steps to ensure long-term success.