How to generate $500k in revenue from android apps

James Cooper

In Uncategorized. January 8, 2012

make money with android
Android is shaping up to be the big area of opportunity in mobile for 2012.  The platform is really growing all the time and the open-ness of the ecosystem is creating lots of new ways to make money.  Whereas iOS/ iphone seems to be more about the major publishers these days there still seems to be a ‘wild west’ feel to Android where it’s possible for independent developers and publishers to make serious revenues.
So – what a great time to get news of a book all about how to build android apps for fun and profit.  The book is written by Richard Harris of Moonbeam development.  Moonbeam have over 80 apps in the android appstore, they’ve done over 10m downloads and earned $500k + in revenues and their top app ‘useless facts’ has been downloaded over 2.5m times.
The book is a nice crisp compendium of various hints and tips that will help you make money from android apps.  Some of the ideas it covers include:

  • what type of mobile ad networks to use.  Moonbeam currently use 5 types of mobile ad networks count them! including admob, airpush and pontiflex
  • how to use social media and email to promote your android app
  • how to develop a network of applications that acts as a cross-selling and promotional tools
  • free and paid-for models for android apps
The book is available as a pdf and it’s also on the kindle store 

So go get the book today – it’s only $10 and full of good info