How the European app market compares to China’s app economy

Chinese digital company Cheetah Lab has recently taken a closer look at the European app market to find out how Chinese app developers may break into the market.
In Europe, Samsung dominates among the Android devices, with Germany leading with a 70.8% market share, followed by the Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy and France.
Despite Samsung’s high market share in Europe, some Chinese mobile phone makers such as Huawei, Lenovo and TCL have also achieved good growth.
When it comes to top apps, WhatsApp leads the rankings across the UK and Germany, whilst other apps achieved high positions in the charts. Generally, single-function communication apps are no longer meeting user needs.
Among Android systems, utility apps are leading with a high user base and could be a good opportunity for app developers to break into the market.
This year, short video formats have also noted a significant boost as Snapchat and Instagram both provided new tools and formats. Live video from Facebook has also seen significant user growth.
Some Chinese apps have managed to conquer the European eCommerce app market. For example, companies like AliExpress and Wish feature among the top 10 eCommerce apps.
Interestingly, the report notes that local European publishers only make up around 50% of the top 30 app publishers. In China, all of the apps within the 30 were generated by local publishers.
Indeed, foreign publishers in China have a much harder time succeeding, given local restrictions on Google and Facebook.
Streaming apps are some of the rising stars in the Chinese app economy. The streaming + eCommerce model has also been touted as a solid influencer on future economic decisions and collaborations. Almost all of the Chinese top 10 eCommerce apps have added streaming capabilities.
The sharing economy is another important player in the Chinese app market. Research has found that the ride-sharing market grew from just 2.45 million to 18.86 million between 2015 to 2016. Though Uber experienced a rather quick rise and fall in China, bike sharing apps such as Mobike are currently touted as a hot new investment opportunity.
In addition, the country is seeing a rise in personalised news recommendations, with apps such as Tiantian Kuaibao, Yidian Zixun, and other products being rolled out.
The report concludes:

As the mobile internet craze has taken the world, Europe has also joined the mobile internet era. In today’s global market, the United States and China have already seen explosive growth in streaming and short video. The European market may see greater development in the near future, and the use of vertical video is likely to expand rapidly there.