How Should Businesses Apply Social Media Marketing to e-Commerce Advertising?

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Posted: September 12, 2016

According to the data from eMarketer, cross-border ecommerce is growing in popularity in China. In 2016, more than 15% of the population will make purchases from abroad worth $85.76 billion. Globally, by 2020, a quarter of the population, amounting to more than half of all digital buyers, will be shopping either directly on foreign-based sites or through third parties.
Meanwhile, Statista data shows that the an average global penetration rate of social networks is 31 percent. The most popular social network worldwide is Facebook with more than 1.5 billion monthly active users.
Question is – how do businesses  should approach a promotion of their brands and products on social media platforms?
Social Media Marketing for e-Commerce

Generally, before launching an e-commerce ad campaign on social media, there are couple questions that need to be answered.

  • What kind of ad formats suit for e-commerce?
  • What are the most popular social networks in your target marketing areas and what are their key features?

The opinions are:

  • Ad formats which fit for e-commerce promotion include: a text link (click to a website), a content ad (fans page and fans page post), as well as a video ad.
  • Understanding of the popular social network in your target market could significantly boost your promotion performance.

Say, the target market is located in India, then the most popular social network may be Facebook. And the three key features for launching an ad campaign on Facebook are:

  • audience (it implies selecting your target buyer)
  • ads content (it implies designing an ad for a product that meets local culture expectations)
  • price (it implies CPI or CPC adjusting accordingly).

If your target market is China, then you may promote your products or your brands through Weibo or Wechat, which are two popular social media platforms in China.
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