How Cultural Awareness in App Advertising Creative Can Boost Campaign Success

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Partner Post - YeahMobi - performance mobile advertising

Posted: February 16, 2015

YeahMobi is a subcompany of NDP Media Corp which was founded in 2009 in America. The company is a mobile advertising network that works on a performance basis.  They have offices in US, Brazil, Japan and China with a large number of professional teams and more than 400 members of staff. YeahMobi works directly with advertisers on a CPI and CPA basis on  a range of different campaigns including Mobile Tool Apps, Mobile Games, Mobile Sweepstakes, Mobile Dating Campaigns and Mobile Entertainment Campaigns. Below the YeahMobi team talks about the importance of being culturally aware while marketing mobile apps.
Cultural Awareness in Ad Creative Boosts Campaign Success
With Chinese New Year around the corner, YeahMobi is exploring the role of cultural awareness in marketing campaigns, and revealing some key mobile marketing insights along the way. Mobile marketing has been a powerful driver behind China’s app and gaming industry, and it is helping Chinese startups go global. Marketing companies such as YeahMobi have exploded onto the marketing industry by running networks and ad platforms around the world. A lot of success has been achieved around Asia – especially East Asia and Southeast Asia, where mobile marketing is a must. But as language and taste vary greatly between continents and appealing to the general trends in different marketing regions is crucial, localization is paramount to running successful campaigns. Designing ad creative that suits local tastes, uses local cultural references and optimizes language for the target audience are all essential parts of getting better returns on running ad campaigns across the world.
Shirley Lin, YeahMobi’s VP of Global Development advises:

“Always think about the cultural differences between regions when choosing your mobile creative.”

One way to do this is testing different creative to find what works best. In order to optimize campaign efficiency and results, advertisers can experiment with content. One method is to slightly tweak creative and messaging and then carry out A/B testing on ads with real-time data. Facebook, for example, can act as a source showing which ad campaigns are performing the best on mobile channels. YeahMobi’s Search & Social solutions are designed to do just that.
A/B Performance testing for the same game in the same region with different creative

Promoting utility apps tends to involve experimenting with wording. Apps such as cleaner apps that improve mobile device performance or anti-virus apps need to communicate their functionality clearly and concisely. Mobile game players also have different tastes in different regions, so experimenting with banner creative involves appealing to different tastes in style. For example, players across East Asia are much more familiar with a ‘busy’ style of creative, including much more visual and textual information in a small space. Alternatively, a minimal style works better in the European and North American regions. Making cultural references is also a valuable technique in developing ad creative. In East Asia, where lots of games revolve around classic stories like The Three Kingdoms or Journey to the West, using imagery and text that refer to the stories tends to get a strong response.
Creative for a leisure game promoted in Canada left compared with a similar game promoted in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau Right
加拿大_休闲游戏_Creative 港澳台_休闲游戏Creative
Experimenting with imagery and wording is especially important when running global campaigns because you can see how variations perform in different regions of the world and adjust your campaigns accordingly. But 2015 is set to present challenges in the quality of creative in ad campaigns. Quality and standards in marketing are on the rise in Asia. High-quality screen shots, creative and user experience is crucial to successful mobile marketing, as users are getting access to better quality apps and games, and ads that are more focused on user experience. The focus on user experience in native ads is driving huge change in the marketing industry. This key trend in mobile marketing and user acquisition is set to gain momentum in 2015, and will likely lead to developers and advertisers gaining more control over ad placements and better ad integration.
App developers now can get access to better tools that allow them to make ads fit the look of their apps. They can also get more control over the content of ads that they display such as selecting ad content based on industry verticals to make sure that ad content is appropriate for their user demographic. And the interface for using these controls is set to become simpler and more automated. The good news for advertisers is that marketing can potentially be more transparent and they can achieve better results. For end users and game players the benefits include much smoother use and relative content. High conversions on native ads in mobile web platforms and video ads is showing hugely successful returns for advertisers, and these two ad units will continue to grow.
For more check out YeahMobi’s website here, or the YeahMobi profile in our directory.