How Can The Small Business Benefit From Live Streaming?

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Posted: November 14, 2017

What can be better than diving into the memories about your last trip? Capturing the breath-taking moment has become a significant force to drive the tech progress. Photos are great for freezing up the memos, but what for capturing the feelings and emotions. Here videos are clear winners.

Capturing videos doesn’t seem enough for the today’s society. Nowadays people want to do even more – broadcast own lives and watch how the others are living. And live streaming apps can help share the moments as well as attend an event that is miles away.

Inspired by the unbelievable success of Periscope, lots of people have flung to develop a live streaming app. Periscope is considered to be the greatest breakthrough of 2015. Moreover, there is no evidence that Periscope is falling from grace. In fact, streaming is much older than anyone could suppose. It was not until 1920 when the first attempts to broadcast audio were made. Video streaming started gaining popularity at the end of the 20th century along with the technological breakthrough. And the first large online video streaming occurred in 1996.

Regarding modern society, live broadcasting remains trendy thanks to smartphones and the possibilities they offer. Nowadays, people are streaming videos in the real-time thanks to the fast and stable Internet. Let’s find out how business owners can benefit from developing a live streaming app.

10 Reasons to develop a live streaming app for your business

Keep your audience engaged

Sharing your latest business events can help you keep the audience more engaged. Video streaming is not enough. You will get better results if you respond to the comments immediately or as soon as possible.

Promote the products or services

Just schedule an online meeting to tell the customers about your upcoming products/ services. Video streaming can help you reach out a much wider audience than conventional ads. Moreover, it’s a cheaper way to present products than organizing a full-scale meeting.

Broadcast your company’s news

People like to be aware of the things happening around them, and social media serves this need. If you have something hot to share, so why not to stream it via a live streaming app?

Hold conferences and seminars

Video streaming is a modern and fast way to schedule and carry out conferences and seminars. You just need to choose a topic and start broadcasting. Imagine, there isn’t any preparation that lasts for months. Moreover, you can carry out conferences even every day if you have some head-spinning information to share.

Schedule online consultations

It’s one more powerful way to increase brand awareness. To add more, carrying out online consultations on request can help build more trusted relationships with your customers.

Enhance the brand image

Video streaming is probably the best way to enhance your brand image. Interactions via live videos can keep the customers engaged as well as help build more positive experience.

Become closer to the customers

As a rule, the customers can’t see how products are created. “How-to” meetings as well as stories “how everything started” gather thousands of likes and shares. Such activity has a positive effect onyour brand image.

Take the customers behind the scenes

Another great way to engage people via live streaming is to show what happens behind the curtains. Just imagine how the customers may get excited when they see how, e.g., you bake their cakes, etc. Let the audience have an up-close look at what you do, and I bet, you’ll see the gains soon.

Carry out online workshops

People like learning something new. Arrange a video meeting where people can get valuable skills or share the experience how to do particular things. Can you make a lovely dress from an old T-shirt? Show how to do this, and you’ll get lots of new customers for your dress studio.

Test products within focus groups

A live meeting can help you get the feedback on services and products straight from the horse’s mouse. The Internet has no limits. It can help you get the customers’ feed all over the globe.

Summing up

Live streaming offers lots of possibilities to raise the level of the customer engagement. You can talk directly to your customers via streaming in the real time, and your business will only benefit from it. To take advantage of live streaming, you can use both existing live streaming apps or build your one that can meet all your business needs.

Taking into account everything mentioned above, a live streaming app is a great marketing tool that can help you build more trusted relationships with your customers. Of course, it’s obvious that Periscope is the most popular live streaming app. But look, you may achieve better results with your own app for live streaming. Consider all pros and contras and go for developing a live streaming app to grow your business.