Here’s a new customer support feature that may help app and mobile retailers deliver more proactive support

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

October 13, 2016

Mobile shoppers are increasingly demanding higher standards when it comes to digital customer service. However, for mCommerce retailers it can be difficult to keep up and provide a round the clock support experience. Helpshift, whose clients include Zynga, Virgin Media, Microsoft, Western Union, Flipboard, Shyp and WordPress is looking to change that.
The company which provides customer support experiences on mobile through in-app messaging and self-service features, has just rolled out Campaigns for Proactive Customer Support – a new proactive customer support feature which lets businesses tap into their consumer data sets to deliver automated, but proactive customer support.
Helpshift Smart Segmentation dashboard
Essentially, Campaigns enables customer service teams to engage directly with customers and in real-time. When a customer requires help, s/he won’t have to contact a call centre for help, but instead can connect through a mobile device. Likewise, agents won’t have to wait for a call, but instead the customer service platform auto-engages the consumer and provides a solution based on consumer usage data it gets from the app. Indeed, the solution can even predict issues and alert consumers accordingly before any problems manifest. This ultimately drives higher satisfaction standards and revenue.
Abinash Tripathy, CEO and co-founder of Helpshift, explains:
abinash tripathy

“We live in a ‘real-time’, ‘always on-demand’ era, where products and services are delivered as apps and live on the Cloud. Campaigns takes customers from first-time users to brand loyalists in the smallest window of time possible. This new capability eliminates heavy lifting and allows brands to easily automate and customise outbound messaging by bringing together in-app data and smart segmentation. By being proactive and helping customers in real-time, companies improve customer and agent satisfaction. This is the inescapable future of customer service!”

Campaigns also lets apps spot cohorts of users that are affected by an issue and notify them through push or in-app notifications. Retailers will have access to consumer behavioural data such as falling engagement or app usage rates. These can be strong signifiers that there may be an issue or the consumer is unhappy and about to abandon an app.
Frodo Zumbrunn, Product Manager, DeinDeal, adds:
Frodo Zumbrunn

“As an online discount shopping app, our goal is to get targeted deals to our shoppers in a timely manner. We were already using (and loving) Helpshift for Support, and Campaigns turned out to be the icing on the cake. We now deliver targeted messages to our users to drive higher engagement in our app.”

Helpshift is already installed across two billion devices worldwide, serving 300 million mobile customers each month. It has raised $36.2 million to date, backed by Intel Capital, Microsoft Ventures, Nexus Venture Partners, Salesforce Ventures, True Ventures, and Visionnaire Ventures.