Having a user-friendly app is the number one way to keep people coming back

Andy Boxall

In App Data

October 10, 2017

Having a user friendly app is considered the main factor in keeping users, according to a survey carried out by App Annie. When asked to list the top factors that drive app user retention, 59% said a user-friendly experience was key.

This was nearly twice the second and third reasons respondents provided. Value-added features was the second most popular answer, with 35% considering it the top factor, and targeted relevant content came in third with 29%.

Positions four to seven scored between 17% and 20%, and include a good user community, strong customer service, and personalized communication. So-called, “Evangelists” came in ninth with 13%, just ahead of the 7% who didn’t know, or didn’t consider any of the above answers relevant.

App Annie says:

“Developers will want to balance creating the best possible in-app experience with using these other factors as ways to cement or incrementally improve retention. Given that it’s less costly and more effective to retain an existing user than to acquire a new one, this is an area worth investing in.”