Haptic mobile adverts lead to more positive emotional responses among consumers

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

January 26, 2017

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Source Immersion

Mobile adverts that feature touch effects result in greater excitement and happiness among consumers. That’s according to the latest findings from IPG Media Lab, the creative tech arm of IPG Mediabrands, in collaboration with Immersion Corp., the touch feedback technology provider.
The research found that haptic technology led to a stronger emotional response. A standard mobile video advert achieved excitement levels of 30% and happiness levels of 37%, whilst TouchSense Ads by Immersion saw excitement jump to 38% and happiness rose to 44%.
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Haptic video ads also improved brand favourabillity to 50% compared to a lift of 14% in standard video ads.
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Dmitry Lipkin, Senior Director, global marketing at Immersion, explains that the touch-emotion connection is innate to people and how they perceive the world.

“Using touch in ads shows advertisers how they can leverage this part of the human sensory experience. By partnering with IPG Media Lab for this media trial, we’re able to demonstrate the advertising value of haptic technology across a variety of sectors, and how brands can leverage this technology to create deeper, more meaningful consumer experiences.”

The study included seven advertising types including skippable and non-skippable variations to measure engagement and connectivity.
The results also highlight a 6% increase in brand perception between haptic and traditional video advertising formats.
Haptics can increase purchase intent among new customers. In fact, of those who did not purchase a brand before, haptics increased purchase intent by 67%.
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21% more consumers also felt a stronger connection to a brand, compared to 13% on traditional videos.
However, not only are haptics more impactful, they are also cheaper. Clients achieved 68% in savings using the format.
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Kara Manatt, SVP, Intelligence Solutions Strategy at MAGNA, adds:

“The results of our trial clearly demonstrate the significance and power of incorporating another sense, specifically touch, in advertising. It’s exciting to uncover this unique and innovative technology for our clients, which can provide instrumental value in the mobile ad space.”

However, Immersion adds that less is more and haptic feedback can get a bit too much when overdone. Advertisers should utilise notifications to let customers know the ads are haptic-enabled.