Guus Wildeman, COO Avazu Europe, Talks Mobile Advertising Trends and More

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Partner Post - Avazu - Global performance advertising

Posted: December 4, 2015

Guus started in the online business around 2008 as an affiliate, building blogs based on SEO rankings and more. From there he took on a job as affiliate manager at iQU and left as sales director leading their sales department. Beginning 2014 joined Ralph Sas and together they built the Avazu EU & US department to what it is today.
Guus, congratulations on becoming COO NA & EU at Avazu – what are you going to be focused on in the new role?
Since the rapid growth of Avazu and all our new offices I will focus more on the overall organization and communications between EU/US and our HQ in Shanghai.
What do you think Avazu brings to the table in the European and North American markets?
With all the offices around the globe and different departments Avazu brings to the table our performance network, mDSP and an app /games development studio, we are one of the few that truly have a global and 24/7 coverage.  That in combination with our experienced teams makes Avazu a dominating player in the industry.
Are there any big differences in the two regions in terms of mobile advertising or are you seeing similar trends in both?
It really depends. In EU you have many different countries that all speak different languages which makes it harder for app developers or marketers to target their audience. North America on the other hand has massive volumes. We notice a big Native ads growth coming from our Asian offices and allocating more resources to expand this more in EU and US. Native advertising is an interesting tool for our partners since we can offer them a new revenue. stream.
Native ads are one of the big growth areas in the market right now – what is Avazu offering in this area? 
We have a wide range of ad formats that gives you a very unique user experience and with the amount of Global offers on our platform we offer a 100% fill rate which makes the added revenue stream very interesting.
What types of clients are you looking to work with on Native ads?
App developers in general and Mobile Websites. Whether its utilities, apps or games we will able to monetize them all.
What are the other big trends you see in the mobile advertising market for 2016?
I think the native trend will roll over in 2016, plus I think the mobile pay per call niche will develop a lot more.
What are your favorite apps and games?
Uber and WhatsApp.
What mobile devices do you use? 
iPhone 6s and Ipads if my kids let me use them.
What’s been your favorite event or conference this year?
So far it’s the Affiliate summit in Vegas and New York but I’m really excited about Affiliate World Asia. We are one of the Platinum sponsors and hoping the show will be a big success.
Where are you going to spend Christmas?
At home with my wife and kids.
You can visit Avazu’s website here.