How We Got To The Top of the iPad Charts: Lessons From Trying Multiple App Marketing Channels

James Cooper

In App Marketing. May 29, 2014

Stefanie Eisenschenk
Stefanie Eisenschenk is the Marketing Manager at Zattoo, the leading international mobile and online TV and video service with over 11 million registered users. She spoke at spoke at the at App Promotion Summit in Berlin on the subject of  “Lessons From Trying  Multiple App Marketing Channels”. Her talk included the following topics:

  •  Our Experience Using Different User Acquisition Methods
  •  What Worked; What Didn’t Work
  •  What We’ve Learned And Where We’re Looking Next

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Lessons From Trying  Multiple App Marketing Channels Video

 Lessons From Trying  Multiple App Marketing Channels Audio/Podcast

 Lessons From Trying  Multiple App Marketing Channels Presentation

‘Lessons from trying multiple app marketing channels’ – Stefanie Eisenschenk at App Promotion Summit Berlin from App Promotion Summit Conference
 Lessons From Trying  Multiple App Marketing Channels Transcript
Stefanie: Yes, Andrea introduced me already. And I am responsible for the marketing activities in Germany. And I want to share some experience using different acquisition methods, and how we get on the top of the iPad charts, free overall for one day, with our app and on the third position iPhone top charts overall, for one day, and how this position affects our whole business in this month.
And the tool is available in seven countries, but we are focusing on the markets, German and Swiss. And we are available on many different app stores for different mobile devices. During this presentation, I am focusing on the mobile apps, but we are also available on Smart TV’s, Xbox, Xbox one. We launched last week. And you can watch TV directly via browser, with our new Zattoo Web player, we did a lot of new stuff this year.
Our business objective is a premium model. We make money from ads, mostly video ads and from selling premium paid products. And the big two, the products and the watchers. We not only need registrations and signups, we also need watchers. And the younger preferred the free model, so we earn money from ads from these persons. And the older ones are ready to pay for premium models, and paid products. Almost in Germany we have five percent active watchers, that are paying for premium models.
So, the most important thing we did this year, building a completely new basement. It is worth to build a strong basement and clarify the strategy because this year in May, we are a mobile company because the active users using the mobile devices increased so much, that it overwhelmed the web users. And I will give you a quick overview of what we did.
The process to prepare for all our new products and re-launches. We did online user surveys, user workshops, we worked with users in one room. Monitoring the market, data analysis, it is massive, we have so much data. And we did clarification customer lifetime value, analysis by the way. So we know, high volume users watchers, which on which devices are the most important thing. And we set up a new KPI metrics.
With this knowledge, we hopefully ask the right questions and we clean up a lot, and optimize on the product, as Stefanie already said. We build up a completely new android app, and we are working on a completely new IOS 7 app, and in December is coming the new Windows 8 app, completely new. And then we set up our new reportings tools, to analyze the new user flow in the app. And we are working, actually it is small now, but it is getting better and better, customer relationship management, it is home-made.
For the reporting tool, we use Distimo, for app analytics over a year, we start with that. And we analyze the performance of all our apps, across the app stores, the downloads, the revenues, the ranking and the ratings. And we see, also in a quick view, the featured events on the different app stores. IOS featured us in November, two times, Android featured as two times and so, you can see the effect. We were the best app of the day or new app.
So we can mark this in the downloads. It is like okay, this is the feature point, this is the feature point, this is the next feature point. And we can compare performance across apps, different stores and now in different countries, with this tool.
We start then with the Distimo Link, conversion tracking since June this year. Now we are able to pass traffic, depending on the devices, in the various apps stores. So we set up every campaign within every social media hosting, with an app link, to get the app. And we know from this link, what is going on after clicking this, which device, which download and so on. And we are able to measure the conversion tracking from app promotion, to install, signup and check the monitoring afterwards, the lifetime user value of every campaign, we can compare this.
We hear a lot about KPI metrics, and we use the Distimo for the native apps and also, Google analytics, creating attachments. We are over this point I think, with the app promo link and the app analytics, we can pass the traffic, we create a campaign idea and we know the traffic to the app stores. And then we defined important KPI’s, but we do not earn money with it. The app install, the signup or maybe the redeem a gift code. But with these users, there is no cash made.
Most important for us, 80 percent we earn from this, so we need heavy watchers and heavy switchers, we call them and the transaction to paid products. This is a conversion tracking, we now use almost one month with the Distimo SDK.
And we built up a completely new responsive website because we have not only apps, we also have Web video player. So, we earn money from users watching with a laptop, but more and more, using the tool on the mobile apps. But we need this responsive website for, to be ready for mobile search. And we are trying out some campaigns this November, also with app install and put the Distimo app link through this SEM marketing activity, through the App Store. And also, the responsive website has the Distimo app link inside, so we can pass the users to the various app stores we have.
Most important thing, we just redesigned it now, the apps are presentations. We add the claim life TV. For eight months, the apps were called Zattoo, and then we renamed it, Zattoo live if possible, when we added TV to the name, to the brand. And now we are recreating the first USP picture because it is not so easy to read, we are working on that. And the other design screenshot, we are getting featured headlines. So, with every screenshot people know, “Okay, I can do this, this and that.” And imagine why there is a football picture on this screen because it is most important content we have.
This is an example, how Distimo makes data visible. It is an easy understand, your marketing efforts in the campaign, it is like a water flow chart and your campaign, you can see the most effort, you get with your campaign and you can compare these different campaigns. And there you see, how many people coming to which store, in stores, which sign-ups and which micro-conversions, as seen in high queue subscriptions.
So, we did some test campaigns before, we focused on the November campaign. We did before, some test campaigns. We have a partner, it is a TV listing magazine, and we get some cheap print ads from them. But every time we have a print ad, we put on a gift code as a booster, time-limited and also we use a QR code with the Distimo app Link, so we can report how this is working. And we did this also, with social media.
A gift code and put it on the social media, also with the app link. And for both things, the quantity of the redeemed gift code, was better from the print ad, but the quality of the watchers and the switchers were much better, from the social media gift code. And the social media gift code was combined with football soccer game in this time-frame, it works perfect.
And we got a lot of information out of this, you can follow all lifetime, customer lifetime circle after this redeemed gift code, we track after 30 days, is he a watcher. We track after 90 days, is he a watcher, and did he buy paid products?
And in the various multi-channel marketing, it is a big orchestra. And already Stefanie said, you know, which instrument has to be played, this is really important and impacts your user because you need to wake up the registration users and make them to watch, as in our case. And now we have to decide, when playing which song, to have a great rhythm. And for that, this is an orchestra built in a strategy way, this is a big multi-channel marketing mix, and we implemented our new customer relation management system.
We are focusing on the micro-conversions, the black ones, the retention tools, the wake up call tools, the emails, the social media, the display in app for the hi queue products, for the paid products, and for the laptop users who we have created a message system like Blurrp pops up. And also, in-app push notification on mobile apps, we use for the retention.
The first step for the new user and the biggest thing, is to get heavy switchers. Yes, knowing the keys, that is the important thing. What is your best performance, the high-value user and I can say it from our perspective, after all the data research, it is still the IOS, and it is far away from all the others, in our case, far away from all the others.
I think it is four times better than the web users, and six times better than the Android users. But the Android users it is getting better, so much potential in there, but our product has to improve more, and we have to improve more, the customer payment services there. We have to do a little better in this case.
And we focus the most of our marketing budget, on the November. And we did a lot of small campaigns before, to be prepared, to be testing and then we said okay, November is the big bang. We have created a whole RTL November benefits month. We put some premium channels into our free product and said, “Hey, only in this month, you can watch this for free.”
We did a lot of data research, assured ratings, App Store history, Google search, keyword traffic, data inside from searching in the Zattoo app or show ratings. The customer lifetime analysis by device. And so, we started the campaign.
This shows the creativity, the picture. We decided for Formula One, there were many big races in the early November. And then, we were concentrating on some activities. We made Smart boost app install campaign, on the IOS App Store, for the iPad. We started with the iPad and then followed up with the iPhone.
We did some Google AdWords for PC and mobiles. We had some barter deals for mobile display and mobile Internet, and some own media from our social media and from our partners. We had a lot of TV magazine partners, we also integrated.
And then we were going to follow up this. We started on the 1st of November with the iPad, Smart boost and it works very well. We were top one, overall free and top one in the category and entertainment, we had a lot of games there. But we stayed there for a long time and we had a really tremendous big impact on downloads and activities, and heavy watchers. And we waited eight days and then, we started the iPhone Smart boost.
But we saw, when we started the iPad smart boost, the IOS phone increased also, but we started this next campaign later. But there was an impact on this store also, also there was an impact for Android users also. And after, this was a timing, we wanted to start with the boost and the ranking was okay and then we started with other campaigns. We said okay, let us go for the Facebook Mobile IOS, with special targeting on RTL and also, generic entertainment. And we start some Google AdWords for mobile and app to download campaigns.
So, the KPI reporting. I will focus now, on the smart boost. Was really good, we have, this is the old slide from yesterday, but I can tell you, it was a big impact, and we had 60,000 downloads, 80 percent from these downloads, signed up. And I think from these 80 percent, it was almost 80 percent, they are really active users, we increased a lot of watchers. And the transaction is coming now, after November.
Then there is the next step, getting the retention, the micro-conversion transaction. Now we are only looking at ads seen. And we saw this impact from this boost from the different campaigns, are really on all our devices. Not only on the IOS, all other activities increased a lot. I think overall, all devices, we increased 35 percent. And this is really a lot, when you are living from ad channels.
What is next? We started a combination with a TV spot and apps, where we are now working on it. And we are working on the customer relationship management, to get the people engaged, and keep them as heavy watchers. And we are working on a lot of new stuff in SEO optimization. We will start with this in the next year. And I hope we have tremendous impact also, from the media, that we are starting with the Xbox 1. Thank you for listening to me.
Thanks to Stefanie for doing such an interesting talk.  You can find out more about App Promotion Summit here