Google wants to label apps that feature advertising on the Google Play Store

Google has announced plans that apps which feature advertising will need to be labelled in the Google Play Store. The move is part of the company’s efforts to help its consumers make more informed decisions.
Google apps will have to feature label to signal if ads are used
Google has already added notification for apps that feature in-app purchases. Now, users who access the Google Play app from their phones and tablets will see ad-supported apps feature the “Contains ads” line.
The company confirmed that specifically apps that include banners, native ads and interstitials would be highlighted. However, additional marketing content would not be flagged such as paid product placements or offers for in-app purchases or upgrades.
Google also reserves the right to verify that users do declare the presence of ads in their apps. Over the next few weeks, the change will be implemented.
However, the move could keep consumers from downloading an app in order to avoid ads. Android developers heavily rely on advertising to generate revenue and the addition could have serious implications for them.
In addition, ads usually generate some sort of tracked data which can be useful in understanding an app’s audience. If consumers opt out of downloading an app due to it featuring ads, that data is lost.
Lucky for developers, there are other ways in which they can track their users.