Google updates C++/iOS SDK, introduces quest repeat feature to boost engagement

Andy Boxall

In App Development

September 21, 2015


Google has updated its C++/iOS SDK with new features, primarily making it more simple for developers to configure Play game services when using Xcode, plus for iOS developers using Unity.

Google has updated its C++/iOS SDK with new Play game service features

google play services

Additionally, the new SDK introduces Google’s new sign-in framework, which brings authentication support from various Google apps, including YouTube and Gmail. However, if no Google apps are installed on a user’s iOS device, then a normal web-based authentication system will be used, but it’ll be inside the app rather than through the browser.

Finally, the new version adds a Quest repeat feature. These quests can be run weekly or monthly, and should help keep users engaged. For more information on the C++/iOS SDK, visit Google’s official page here.