Google unveils new interactive format for mobile users to experience game apps before they download them

This week, Google launched a new advertising format for Android game developers at the Games Developer Conference (GDC) which potentially helps to persuade game app users to download a mobile game.
The Playables interactive format presents a lighter version of the advertised mobile game and can be played from within the advert. Not only could this format help game makers to monetize their apps, but it also offers user tracking to measure just how they interact with an app.

In a conference call, Sissie Hsiao, Director of product management, Google, said:

“The best way to show what your app does is to actually show it in the ad itself […] What this does is it leads to really qualified downloads. This leads to really great options for advertisers in terms of LTV and performance and it also is a really great experience for users.”

The format is part of the Universal App Campaigns catalogue. However Playables can now be embedded within over a million apps across the Google Display Network and that has the potential to offer some seriously large audiences.
In addition, the company announced a feature called ‘auto-flip’ which taps into machine learning technology to auto-orient mobile video ads based on the way a users holds his/her phone. During early testing, the company noted that mobile vertical video ads sparked a 20% higher click-through rate than horizontal ones.
Google also said that rewarded video ads would be available through Universal App Campaigns to significantly boost their reach.
By adding Firebase Analytics and Unity to its measurement tools, Google will also enable game developers to gain better insights of how their users engage with their apps.
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