Google to rank mobile pages by loading speed

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

January 19, 2018

Google has announced that it plans to make page speed a ranking factor for mobile searches.
With the average mobile page taking 22 seconds to load, but customers abandoning pages that take longer than three seconds to load, Google is looking to make some changes.
As of July 2018, mobile pages are thus ranked by their load speed.
However, the company assured that this would only affect pages which deliver very slow experiences and thus a smaller number of queries.
In addition, Google is letting pages with great content off the hook. That means larger publishers and some shopping websites may not be as affected.
Indeed, Google’s blog post appeared a little vague on the details. The company said that there was no tool to indicate if a page was going to be affected.
Instead it simply wants page owners to think about their performance using the Chrome User Experience Report, which includes key user experience metrics, Lighthouse, the automated quality auditing and PageSpeed Insights, which helps to assess how well a page performs.