Google to get rid of 30-second pre-roll video advertising on YouTube to improve mobile user experience

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

February 20, 2017


Source YouTube

Google has decided to get rid of its 30-second video pre-roll ads which cannot be skipped. The ad product will be thrown out as of next year.
The move is in line with Google wanting to provide a better user experience.
Having said that, the company is not getting rid of its 20-second or 6-second pre-roll formats just yet.
Communicus Inc research demonstrates that 15-second TV ads are 75% as effective as 30-second ads. Add to that the fact they cost only half to produce and advertise.
However, Google’s own research also demonstrated that longer cuts do present an advantage. 30-second ads had the highest view-through rates whilst 15-second videos tended to be skipped the most.

Source Google

So why get rid of it?
Well it turns out that shorter videos are better for ad recall than longer formats. In addition, they offer an improved viewing experience for the end consumer by being half the length. Given the shortening in user attention span, it’s not surprising that video ad length would eventually be cut down.
Eva Tuckman, PPC director at marketing agency Roast, adds:

“Unskippable ads have generally always had higher video view abandonment rates, as consumers can then decide that the video they’re about to watch is not worth 30 seconds of advertising. As Facebook video consumption continues to grow at astonishing speed, Google need to keep consumers engaged on YouTube while allowing advertisers to continue to pay per view of their video content.”

Online video can potentially be a successful advertising channel, as long as it’s used correctly. For quite some time marketers have been able to repurpose their video ads to fit mobile screens, but with 15-second and shorter formats, they will need to rethink their content to fit the time restraint.
The benefit of it all is that shorter video formats will be cheaper to produce and advertise.