Google set to officially penalise intrusive interstitials on mobile

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising Blog. January 16, 2017


Source Google

Google has made it official: the search engine giant will now penalise intrusive mobile interstitials. Back in August 2016, the company had already announced that it would prepare to down-rank websites that were not adjusting for mobile screens. This comes on the back of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project which aims to improve the mobile browsing experience.
The penalty will only impact intrusive interstitials which are opened from Google mobile search results. It will not affect interstitial pages that pop up after opening a website, i.e. later in a website’s click path.
According to Google, the interstitials that are going to be a problem are those that show up as pop-ups and cover main content. In addition, standalone interstitials which need to be manually dismissed by the user as well as interstitials that significantly cover up content will be affected.
Those types of interstitials that would not be affected include cookie or age notifications and verifications, login dialogs, but also app install banners by Safari and Chrome.
Google hopes that more website owners and marketers will adjust their advertising settings accordingly to match the company’s requirements and ensure a smoother experience for the mobile end user.