Google Search is about to place even more importance on mobile-friendly sites

Andy Boxall

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March 23, 2016

Google Logo Oct 2015

Google will place even more relevance on mobile-friendly websites in its search results later this year. The company has announced in a blog post that from May, it will, “increase the effect of the ranking signal,” on mobile search results for pages that are setup for viewing on multiple device types.

“You should get the best answer possible, whether you’re on a phone, desktop, or tablet,” it’s stated. The change will come in May, giving developers time to ensure their sites are suitably prepared for the algorithm change. Google handily provides several tools to assist in this process, including the Mobile Friendly Test, and the Webmaster Mobile Guide.

Google will place more importance on mobile friendly websites in its search results

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The shift follows the early 2015 change where Google Search began using mobile friendliness as a ranking factor in results, after adding a label to sites appearing in search that were compatible with all device types.

Google’s quick to point out that compatibility isn’t the only contributing factor to ranking well — good quality content is still key, and even without mobile friendliness, an excellent, relevant page may still perform well.