Google releases Drive API v3 with performance and ease of use improvements

Andy Boxall

In App Development

December 16, 2015

Google Logo Oct 2015

Google has released a new version of its Google Drive API, which has been designed to make integrating the service easier for developers using it for the first time. Announced on Google’s developer blog, this is version 3 of the Drive API, and four areas where it has been simplified over previous editions were highlighted:

  • Duplications removed
  • Property names and methods of cleaning up have been made more consistent
  • Number of collections developers need to understand has been reduced
  • Setting defaults is quicker and more efficient than before

Google has released version 3 of its Drive API with numerous performance improvements

drive api

It’s noted this is not a release with many new features, and Google promises that will change with future versions. For now, it has concentrated on the above points, and improving performance over Version 2.

There’s no requirement to upgrade yet, because Google will continue supporting Version 2 for apps that use it, but it has produced a cheat sheet with hints on how to do so if you want to try it out. Developer documentation can be found here.