Google prepares YouTube for mobile advertising – new measurement tools are coming

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

January 23, 2017


Source Google

Google has announced plans to launch new tools for advertisers and brands to reach their desired audiences through YouTube.
The video platform now generates 50% of its views via mobile devices. However, some of the company’s measurement tools aren’t yet working well enough for mobile ads.
To remedy the move from desktop to mobile, Google is developing a cloud-based measurement solution over the coming 12 months. It hopes to provide unprecedented analysis and privacy and security options for advertisers wishing to gain a better insight into their campaign.
In the meantime, the company confirms that it is at work with MRC accredited vendors such as comScore, DoubleVerify, IAS, MOAT, and Nielsen to offer third-party measurement tools and verify a campaign’s performance.
In addition, Google will be launching a way for advertisers to connect their consumer data to reach audiences using Customer Match.
Users continue to have control over the ads they view on YouTube and personal information is not shared with third-parties. As perhaps a blow to some advertisers, consumers will be given the chance to mute a brand or retailer. When they do so, all adverts from the specified brand will be muted in the future.
As a result of the company’s shift to focus on mobile, YouTube will begin to limit cookies and pixels across the platform. It hopes that these measures will make it easier to cross-measure campaigns and eliminate inconsistencies throughout.