Google new beta version of Android Studio 2.0 focuses on speed

Andy Boxall

In App Development

February 8, 2016

Google Logo Oct 2015

Google has launched a new beta version of Android Studio 2.0 as it prepares for the final release. This is the official Android IDE tool, and comes with a variety of new and updated features to help speed up the app development process.

Detailed on its official developer blog, Google has listed several of the biggest changes to be found in the latest beta. These include:

  • Faster code edit and app deployment using Instant Run
  • Android Emulator is faster than before, with a new UI
  • Ability to add App Indexing to apps, then test and validate URLs.
  • IntelliJ 15 integration
  • Improved APD
  • New visual step process for code optimization inside the GPU Profiler

Google has released a new video showing the improvements in more detail, which you can watch below.

Google says the new beta is recommended for developers wanting to integrate the new tools into an existing workflow, but to beware because bugs may still exist in the beta release. Download the latest Android Studio 2.0 beta here.