Google moves all AdWords in-app ad campaigns to Universal App Campaigns

Google launched its Universal App Campaigns (UAC) around two years ago in order to assist developers in promoting their mobile apps to drive downloads. UAC has proven to be a very simple app campaign tool that lets developers optimise their in-app ads. Until now, it has existed alongside AdWords app-install campaigns.
That’s about to change as Google has decided to move all its app-install advertising under the UAC umbrella. The company said that as of October 16, in-app campaigns created in AdWords will be running on UAC. In addition, current app install campaigns, including existing Search, Display and YouTube app promo campaigns will stop to run from November 15. Current advertisers will be required to move their campaigns to UAC.
According to Google, advertisers who opt for optimised ads with UAC are driving an average 140% more conversions on the dollar compared to other Google app promotion products.

Although UAC and AdWords formats provide some overlap, Google told TechCrunch that it had delivered over six billion app installs for developers and that UAC was already responsible for half of all app downloads from ads via Google.

For app developers, ultimately UAC’s performance is the real draw. For example, a campaign noted an increase in app installs by 189% using UAC and a reduction in cost per install by 53%. Conversion rates increased by a factor of 4.5.