Google launches official Chinese-language developer channel on YouTube

Andy Boxall

In App Development, news

February 23, 2015


In an effort to better engage with Android developers in China, Google has opened a localized version of its Google Developers YouTube channel. It’s filled with original content in Mandarin Chinese, and specially curated videos culled from the English developer channel, all with Simplified Chinese captions.

The channel’s launch comes just a few months after Google started to allow developers from China to introduce pay apps into the Google Play store, meaning the channel is likely to receive plenty of attention. At the time of writing, the channel has gained more than 800 subscribers since its launch. However, Google’s English-language channel has in excess of 650,000.

Google Chinese Android Developers YouTube Channel

Ironically, both YouTube and Google Play are blocked by China’s strict Internet censorship system. Any local developers wanting to watch the videos must use a VPN, or miss out on what’s available.

For developers releasing Android apps locally, they must rely on the many alternative app stores in China which have taken Google Play’s place in the market. Examples include one from China’s most popular search engine Baidu, mobile network Tencent, and smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi.

Apple’s iTunes App Store is available in China, and is the company’s second largest global market for downloads, after North America.