Google has updated the Android Testing Support Library, and retired Android Test Kit

Andy Boxall

In App Development

September 16, 2015


Google has released a new version of its static Android Testing Support Library, which includes a variety of fixes important for testing apps made for Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which will be released in the near future. Additionally, there are fixes for JaCoCo Code Coverage, and Test Sharding.

Announced in an Android Developers blog post on Google+, a new and more reliable way to sync and close the Android keyboard was also highlighted. An entire list of changes and a guide to getting started can be found here. Google first launched the Android Testing Support Library back at the end of 2014.

Google has updated the Android Testing Support Library and revealed a new logo

ATSL logo

Google is also recommending that developers no longer use the Android Test Kit, and instead suggests moving to ATSL. A new website has been set up to help with the transition, with all the information and downloads developers will require. Finally, there’s a new home to report bugs, which can be found here.