Google has increased the standard app APK size from 50MB to 100MB

Andy Boxall

In App Development, news

October 1, 2015


Google has increased the basic size of its APKs inside the Google Play Store, raising it from 50MB to 100MB. The company made the announcement on its developer blog, saying it recognises that developers face a challenge to create apps that “maximize the hardware of the device, while also ensuring users can download, install, and open the app as quickly as possible.”

Developers can publish APK files up to 100MB, and users will see a warning when that file then requires Expansion files, and if they’d prefer to wait for a Wi-Fi connection before continuing.

Google has raised the 50MB limit for app APKs to 100MB

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Despite the increase, Google says that just because it’s possible to make APKs larger, doesn’t mean it should always be the case, and has added a few choice pieces of advice. For example, it warns that data connectivity, charges, and caps vary around the world, and large files run the risk of putting many users off a download.

Google also mentions that larger files require more storage space on a phone, and those with 8GB or less available will find space is even more important if every developer suddenly starts making 100MB files. You can learn more about the new rules by visiting Google’s distribution guidelines here.