Google grabs app tech startup Divshot, will integrate it into Firebase

Andy Boxall

In App Development, news

October 16, 2015


App development startup Divshot has been acquired by Google, and it will become part of the company’s Firebase development platform. Announced in an official blog post, Divshot states that its own services will close down on December 14, so it can focus on Firebase.

Divshot produces technology that makes it easy to create attractive user interfaces, thanks to a clever drag-and-drop system, much like creating a chart or graph in an Office program. Google’s Firebase already has a variety of backend features for developers to use in their apps.

Divshot has been acquired by Google and will become part of the Firebase platform


Michael Bleigh, co-founder of Divshot, said:


“I’m excited to bring the best parts of Divshot’s technology to Firebase Hosting. We’re launching a brand new Firebase command-line interface today with a local static web server powered by Divshot’s open-source Superstatic library. Now you can develop locally with all of your rewrites, redirects, and other Firebase Hosting options. There’s more on the way, so stay tuned.”

Developers already using Divshot products should check out this migration guide produced by the company, in preparation for the move over to Firebase.