Google and TUNE partner to combat mobile click injection advertising fraud

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

November 22, 2017

Mobile marketing measurement company TUNE has partnered with Google in a joint effort to address click injection advertising fraud on Android.
Click injection concerns ad fraud where a bot or malware on a mobile device attempts to steal attribution credit and ad dollars for app installs.
This can happen when scripts or bots add fake ad clicks between the time a person downloads and first opens an app
Around $139 billion of all paid media advertising globally is predicted to be mobile with click injection fraud accounting for 30% to 40% of all mobile app install fraud, costing marketers up to $700 million.
In order to combat the issue, Google recently rolled out its Play Install Referrer API which reduces click injection fraud with the help of third-party measurement providers such as TUNE.
TUNE is among those providers incorporating the Google Play referral data that can show the exact time an app download started. In addition to TUNE’s app attribution analytics, the feature can highlight app open times and all clicks between app download and initial open. That means marketers can monitor any fraudulent app installs.
Peter Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer at TUNE, explains that the company has been focused on creating a whole host of tools to combat mobile advertising fraud.

“What was still missing in this fight was the direct cooperation with the platforms themselves, which is why this step with Google is such a powerful one,” he says. “This data connection with Google is exactly what the industry needs to completely stamp out the practice of fraudulent click injection which will immediately eradicate nearly a third of mobile ad fraud. We look forward to continued collaboration with the brilliant teams at Google to making marketing more accountable.”

Given the huge financial resources many app developers are attributing to marketing their apps, it’s important that their traffic is of high quality and app install fraud is kept to a minimum.
A whopping $7 billion are wasted in mobile app install fraud each year. TUNE’s latest integration with Google is one more step towards ending ad fraud for good.