Go2mobi partners with Placed to grow engagement through mobile moments

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Mobile ad platform, Go2mobi, just announced an integration with Placed Inc., which connects ad exposure with store visits. The move marks a commitment to help advertisers understand which mobile moments can drive consumer engagement and more importantly actual foot traffic and revenue.
Placed provides ad attribution technology
Source: placed.com
Go2mobi has created Mobile Moments with a technology called MomentMatch that optimises toward moments signaling relevance and intent. The technology analyses a consumer’s mobile location in real-time and caters ads when the time is right.
By integrating with Placed, MomentMatch reporting is taken a step further and allows clients to attribute in-store visits and sales to mobile moment messaging which actually drove an engagement.
Tom Desaulniers, Co-founder and President, Go2mobi, explains:
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“We see MomentMatch as the logical evolution of our mobile advertising platform, which is based on the idea that a granular understanding of data can provide meaningful lifts in performance. By categorizing and contextualizing real-time moments tied to specific device id profiles, we’re able to process consumer behavior at a very granular, individualized level. The addition of Placed Attribution and Placed Revenue helps us bridge the gap between online engagement and real-world purchase behavior to help our clients truly own their most meaningful mobile moments.”

MomentMatch combines first-party, mobile location data with a personified device ID to map a user’s mobile life into five core locations including home, work, commuting, out and about and traveling. It then serves a custom creative which reflects the moment to help increase engagement. These moment factors can include POI proximity, local time, digital context, weather and local events.
David Shim, Founder and CEO, Placed, adds:
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“Go2mobi’s unique moment approach combined with Placed Attribution delivers a closed loop solution to truly measure ROI both on and offline. Go2mobi’s understanding of the moments that drive engagement, are now quantified with Placed Attribution, enabling advertisers to understand the mobile moments that matter when driving consumers into the store and purchasing.”