Glispa improves mobile advertising with Quality Optimization Engine

Digital marketing company Glispa has just uncovered the fourth generation of its Quality Optimization Engine (QOE), which offers advertisers quality data to create more optimised ads, thereby increasing campaign value for marketers.
Glispa’s QOE finds real-time triggers for advertisers to streamline campaigns faster. It further allows insight into glispa-generated users to monitor their engagement and monetisation patterns.
Glispa technology optmises ads for OLX and Brave Frontier
Jaeson Hildebrand, Vice president of client services, Glispa, said in an interview with GamesBeat:

“The Quality Optimization Engine is the backbone of our products and services. As a performance marketing company, we get paid on installs. But this tool is not just designed to bring users, but to bring users that are of value to our developers. We want to make ad buying more effective and reduce advertising costs for development partners, which we call advertisers. Certain events like how users are engaging in apps, those get pinged into Glispa’s QOE. We can monitor how Glispa generated users, engage within these partner apps, so our traffic is meeting and exceeding expectations. If the game developer comes to us and we need a certain amount of first day completion and day three retention, then we buy traffic from sources that meet those results and we remove those sources that are not meeting the goal.”

In addition, the new tool measures performance by day, time and placement enabling Glispa’s optimisation team to make adjustments for maximum value on the advertising spend.
Gary Lin, CEO, Glispa, adds:

“We can actually guarantee quality traffic and more engaged end users for our global advertising clients. gumi Inc. and OLX are excellent examples of how we use business intelligence to deliver actionable learning to our advertisers through proactive data analysis and real-time optimization. The Quality Optimization Engine is our behind-the-scenes technology that is a major ingredient in our secret sauce.”

Early engagement with a client’s strategy and tech perspective helps to mirror and improve campaigns, according to Hildebrand.
Federico Vazquez, Mobile Marketing Director, OLX, praised the engine:

“With the Optimization Engine, we’ve been able to acquire new, quality users and really maximize our mobile advertising spend. Through glispa’s Quality Optimization Engine, we are able to see in real-time the actions that quality users take. And not only are we spared from drowning in useless data, but we can also modify campaigns immediately to drive high-quality traffic.”

Following a majority stake acquisition by Market Tech Holdings in March 2015, the firm is looking to increase handling of its data capacity and expand into mobile commerce. It has a monthly reach of one billion active users and serves over 400 billion ad impressions. Its brand advertisers include Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, Gilt Group, OLX, Baidu, Hasbro, Zynga, and Gumi.