Genvid Technologies wants to improve eSports spectator experience

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A new company has emerged from stealth with the aim of changing the way eSports are broadcast to non-players. Genvid Technologies’ platform will give more control to developers regarding the camera angles, views, and interactivity to make watching eSports more engaging and accessible.

Genvid Technologies wants to make eSports more viewer-friendly

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Jacob Novak, founder and CEO at Genvid, told Venturebeat:

“We could enable a developer to set up a 24/7 channel that connects to the most interesting match that is happening based on viewer interactivity and feedback. We could automate the camera controls based on popularity or have the developer control that itself. We are building tools that allow developers to create many cameras in their arena, that allow them to create interactivity in their arena. When you stream to Twitch, you are just creating a video feed. We thought you can create more immersive experiences like an IMAX for eSports online broadcasts.”

Genvid has a working demo built around Epic Games’ Unreal Tournament 2016 Alpha, and is pushing towards beta tests with those involved in eSports this summer. Also, the company has the intention to launch an SDK later in 2016.

Visit Genvid Technologies website here for more about the company.