General Assembly LA: The Future of Mobile Apps & Development

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Partner Post - CleverTap Behavioral Analytics, Smart Segments with Personalized Messaging

Posted: June 1, 2016

Shawnee Swarengin is the Vice President of Content Marketing for CleverTap. She oversees content strategy and creation for the company leveraging her extensive 15 years experience as a brand marketing executive for top tier companies like Bandai Namco Entertainment, Demand Media and other leading start-up companies in the tech space.

Apps are everywhere, but the world of mobile is evolving and tomorrow’s apps will probably look much different than what’s popular today.

In parallel with this, apps are being transformed, some deconstructed into distinct bits of content, some of which is meant to live independently, and others meant to team up and connect with other apps, sites, and smartphone devices. To maximize user engagement, mobile marketing must change as the app demand increases.

How do you market and engage your users? Mobile marketing professionals have seen the numbers too many times to count: there are millions of apps, all competing for the same eyeballs. Most mobile apps are deleted within 30 days, usually much sooner. How can you compete?

First, you need to understand your users: who are they, how and when are they engaging your app? Analytics tools that track both aggregate and individual user engagement, and that segment users by behavior, location and personality will be critical to your success.

More importantly, how do you stay competitive and ahead of the curve? How will the future of mobile growth affect marketers and the types of apps they develop?

Kara Dake, Product Evangelist for Clevertap joins a panel of industry experts in a lively discussion about this important topic.

The General Assembly panel features strategy, advice and mobile predictions from the following industry influencers.

Henry Lowenfels, VP Business Development for Scopely
Peter Wilkniss, VP Engineering for CleverTap
– Jud Hogan, Mobile Advisor & Former Head of Performance Marketing @ Whisper

The panel discussion includes: Virtual Reality and the effect it will have on the future of mobile gaming. The discussion includes new advances in game technology and how it will push the boundaries for creating new and dynamic experiences with VR games.

How will customization and personalization create unique and dynamic social experiences and engage users? Someone using your app for the second or third time is a very different person and experience to someone who’s used your app five times a day for the past month. How will these new features affect the mobile landscape and the types of apps we download and use.

Watch and learn from a leading panel of industry experts as they explore the future of mobile app development.

General Assembly LA: The Future of Mobile Apps & Development

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