Gemalto partners with mobile operator TIM to launch mobile marketing tool for app installations

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. May 31, 2016

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Brazilian telecoms operator TIM has partnered with Gemalto, the digital security firm, to develop a new mobile marketing tool which focuses specifically on app installations. The new mobile app push solution comes integrated as part of Gemalto’s LingUs Mobile Engagement and Monetisation product suite. It works by recommending operator and partner apps as well as content downloads by sending interactive smart messages to consumers.
LingUs Mobile Engagement and Monetisation platform
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The solution lets marketers target consumers to receive offers and app suggestions matched to their interests and profiles. Consumers click the install button in a smart message and the download and installation follow automatically.Apps can be securely downloaded without tapping into a user’s data package. This helps to save data from mobile internet plans and avoids data-heavy app store searches.
For mobile operator TIM, the addition opens up some new revenue sources, tapping into a marketplace that includes app developers, eCommerce retailers and other marketers who wish to provide apps to consumers.
Monthly data usage is unlimited and installation is very simple. In addition, TIM says, it’s partnering up with some brands and service providers directly.
Flavio Lang, Director, VAS and Handsets, TIM Brasil, explains:
flavio lang

“Mobile marketing has a huge potential in Brazil, a market with a rich ecosystem of application developers and advertisers investing in digital media and under-exploited by carriers. The Gemalto solution allows us to offer an innovative channel that intelligently uses telecommunication assets to create an easy and efficient experience for the promotion and installation of apps. In addition to creating a new business opportunity, it also allows us to improve convenience for consumers, who will now be able to understand and download applications in a simple, fast and innovative way.”

The solution isn’t exactly brand new. TIM has been trialling the feature across Android devices since the end of 2015 across 100,000 mobile devices. Now, the carrier plans to embed it across all its new smartphones and iOS updates. Consumers have proven accepting of the pilot with acceptance rates of over 20%.
Lang adds that only consumers who actually opt-in will receive ad messages in the new format.
Rodrigo Serna, President for the Americas, Gemalto, adds:
rodrigo serna

“Gemalto’s mobile app push solution quickly transforms any device into a branded mobile marketing channel providing proof of downloads and easy historical reports that quickly reveal up to the moment customer demands. This type of statistical reporting improves business intelligence and lifecycle management helping mobile operators to securely deliver offers relevant to customer needs ultimately improving service and satisfaction.”

Indeed, mobile marketing is on the rise in Brazil with mobile ad spend expected to rise from $1.11bn in 2016 to $2.91bn by 2018. For the first time this year, mobile marketing expenditure is set to exceed online media and desktop spend at a 51% market share.
TIM noted an increase in post-paid customers and mobile data package offers. The company’s smartphone penetration reached 68% by 2015 – a 20% rise from 2014. Data connectivity jumped 39% in 2015 and currently accounts for 38% of the operator’s revenue.