Gameloft Advertising Solutions to utilise AerServ’s mobile platform to boost in-app advertising units

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

January 10, 2017

AerServ, the mobile video mediation platform and SSP, just partnered with Gameloft Advertising Solutions, the mobile ad network by Gameloft. The deal seeks to monetise and optimise Gameloft’s in-app ad units.
AerServ platform
The AerServ ad formats for rewarded video and mobile display are now integrated with Gameloft games via an API.
Josh Speyer, CEO of AerServ, speaks highly of Gameloft as leading the way with its monetisation strategy.
josh speyer

“We think the future is bright for all of mobile video, and rewarded video in particular. The user is rewarded with in-app currency or continued gameplay, the advertiser gets undivided attention from the user and an engaged audience with high performance, and a publisher generates revenue with a high eCPM.”

The deal should benefit Gameloft Advertising Solutions by adding AerServ’s expertise as well as monetisation platform to the mix. This, Gameloft hopes, should attract new advertisers and marketers.
The company may not be far off as studies have previously shown that mobile game developers find that video ads provide some of the highest revenue per user.
Guilherme Lachaut, Managing Director North America of Gameloft, adds:
guilherme lachaut

“We develop best-in-class games for consumers, and want to ensure the best possible advertising experience for them as well. We’re pleased to partner with a company like AerServ who shares the same values, and we’re extremely pleased with the results of our partnership thus far.”