Gameloft Advertising Solutions partners with Madgic to deepen programmatic mobile ad offers

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. June 20, 2016

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Gameloft Advertising Solutions, the mobile ad agency, has announced a partnership with mobile ad firm, Madgic, to benefit from the company’s expertise in programmatic advertising and real-time bidding.
Madgic provides programmatic ad offers
Madgic’s predictive programmatic technology enables advertisers to work with multiple demand partners across its RTB ad exchange and drive ROI. Even before a marketer sends out an ad request to a demand partner, Madgic can predict if that partner has demand for an impression and at what price.
Through the partnership, Gameloft Advertising Solution will tap into Madgic’s SSP platform, which offers fill rates close to 100% and a good level of control for publishers. At a combined monthly audience of over 157m unique players, Gameloft Advertising Solutions certainly seems capable of ensuring a good level of visibility across an inventory of over 8bn impressions.
Cyril Guillemot, Director France/Benelux, Gameloft, says:

“Gameloft Advertising Solutions worked closely with the Madgic’s team on the technical integration of their platform to offer advertisers a high-quality technological solution. We are pleased with this collaboration, which has already yielded promising results and will certainly accelerate the development of our programmatic advertising activities.”