Gameloft Advertising Solutions increases ad sales by 800% the year over

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. April 8, 2016

Gameloft Advertising Solutions, the game maker’s mobile ad network, just announced solid performances and good exponential growth. The company said its ad sales reached €2.7m during Q1 2016, compared to €0.3m the year over. That’s an 800% increase.
Gameloft Advertising Solutions increases ad sales by 800%
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According to its press release, 123 advertisers globally ran ad campaigns using Gameloft Advertising Solutions during Q1 2016. That’s 250% more than during Q2 2015. 40% of those using the service were already clients.
Since its inventory has gone programmatic, Gameloft has noted a spike in account activity with 20% of its network advertising revenue now coming from programmatic.

In addition, it signed 10 partnership with leading SSPs and DSPs to expand its service reach.

Gameloft says it now has 166m unique players and an inventory of 8bn impressions.

Gonzague de Vallois, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Gameloft, says:

gonzague de vallois

“Carried by the strong performance of our entry in the field of programmatic advertising, our strategic partnerships and the sales of our rich and native ad formats, Gameloft Advertising Solutions’ sales are nine times larger in the first quarter of 2016. It’s a solid and very promising performance that shows the efficient execution of our strategy and confirms the strong potential of our advertising revenue growth for the coming months and years.”