Game studio Black Gate Games acquires cross-platform Platino engine

Andy Boxall

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January 30, 2015


Newly-launched game development studio Black Gate Games has acquired the Platino Game Engine, a cross-platform development tool for iOS and Android game development. Black Gate Games will update Platino’s platform and introduce new features for developers and says it plans to write its own in-house games with the engine in the future.

The Platino Game Engine uses JavaScript and Appcelerator’s Titanium SDK, ensuring it appeals to a range of developers, including those already producing non-gaming JavaScript apps, and  Titanium SDK users who want to introduce gaming elements to their existing apps. Both indie developers and large studios already use Platino, says Black Gate, and have written a wide variety of games from RPGs to puzzlers.

Black Gate Games owner, John Gould, said:


“We have been using Platino and contributing to the engine’s community for many years and are looking forward to both expanding it for existing users, as well as using if for our own in-house development. We will be highly motivated to make the engine as robust as possible, since we will be using it ourselves. The choice to use Platino for in-house development while continuing to give developers access to the engine will result in users having access to more cutting edge features and updates than ever before, including an imminent update for 64-bit support and Appcelerator’s new Hyperloop compiler.”

With the dominance of Unity and the increasing mobile-focus of Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, Black Gate Games is entering into a competitive market, but it has a big advantage when it comes to developers already using Titanium. It will also be interesting to see how the re-launched engine will be priced, given that UE4 is currently undercutting Unity by about $50 per month.

Black Gate Games, a spinoff from Tennessee-based Avatar Software, will make announcements regarding the price, access, and timeline for future updates in the coming weeks.