Game devs Dirtybit see 70% revenue boost from in-app rewarded video ads

Game developers Dirtybit shared how Chartboost’s rewarded video adverts considerably increased the amount of revenue gained from its already successful apps. Published by Chartboost on its company blog, Dirtybit says revenue increased by a massive 70% after integrating the rewarded ads into the Fun Run 2 game.
Fun Run 2 Game
Fun Run and Fun Run 2 have been downloaded more than 60 million times across the world, making them big hits, and although the interstitial ads had been successful in driving revenue, the team wanted to move beyond them. The intention was to find a single SDK for both interstitial and video ads, plus an option to set up deals with advertisers to make videos which wouldn’t alienate its players.
Chartboost offered Dirtybit the same SDK already integrated into Fun Run 2, but with rewarded video ads added in. The developers then created clever campaigns which gave players coins to use in-game, depending on their interaction with video ads. These videos complemented the app’s existing interstitial ads, rather than replacing them.
Dirtybit saw the 70% rise in revenue a month after introducing the new rewarded video system. Video advertising continues to be popular with both developers and audiences. A report by Millennial Media noted that in-app video advertising grew by 5% over 2013 last year, and they’re used by 33% of developers inside apps. A total of 49% of UK mobile ad viewers consider video ads to be more engaging than traditional methods.
You can learn more about Chartboost by visiting its company profile here.