Fyber rolls out advanced video pre-caching controls

Fyber, the mobile ad monetisation platform, has added advanced video pre-caching controls to its Mediation products, which seek to give developers full control over their users’ experience.  The new controls reduce data and memory usage, load times and enhance app performance.
Fyber launches advanced video pre-caching
Source: fyber.com
Whilst apps continue to offer better graphics, SDKs are relentlessly working at the back of the app to track and analyse video ads. This can cause memory drainage, poor performance and long load times. Fyber’s video pre-caching control allows developers to choose when to pre-cache videos and decide on only those ad networks they wish to initialise.
In addition, the company recently rolled out mediation bundles which streamline the process to integrate and update mediated ad networks. Fyber Mediation offers direct access to ad networks including AdColony, Chartboost and Facebook Audience Network. In line with Fyber Exchange, that brings quality demand from global brands and marketers, Fyber plans to increase publisher fill-rates as well as eCPMs. Janis Zech, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Fyber, adds:

“Fyber’s goal is to build a platform that offers developers an open ad monetization solution that is easy to integrate and provides the scale of demand they require. These updates deliver on our vision of always putting the developer first, giving them maximum control over ad monetization and user experience.”